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Why Are So Many People Raving About

Kettlebell STRONG!?

Kettlebell STRONG! Is Your

"Force Multiplier"

Force Multipliers are tools or the right combination of tools, that help you accomplish greater feats than without them.


A hammer is a force multiplier.


GPS is a force multiplier.


A machine gun is a force multiplier.


Investing in Force Multipliers gets you more done with the same amount or even less effort.


Kettlebell STRONG! uses not just one, but THREE Force Multipliers to help you get stronger, faster. 

"Technique Stacking" is a very specific educational sequence that allows you to master complex exercise techniques by layering one technique on top of another in a formulaic and structured manner.


You start with one simple exercise and work on several key points. Then you learn a more complicated exercise, applying the key points that you learned in the first exercise.


Then you take each technique that you learn and apply it to the next exercise.


The learning process is accelerated through repetition, cementing exercise technique at a faster-than-normal pace.


For example, most people would start their double kettlebell training with the Double Swing.


Good idea, but wrong place to start.




Because although a great conditioning exercise, the Double Swing doesn’t have nearly the transfer to the double kettlebell lifts as another specific exercise – one which sets the foundation for the double kettlebell lifts and is found inside Kettlebell STRONG!.


(Most people would never believe, let alone think about using this exercise as their foundation for double kettlebell lifting. But when you see why, the explanation will make perfect sense to you. Not only that, you’ll start making fresh new gains in strength, power, and conditioning when you rework this exercise into your program.)


Of course, this presumes you know what the proper techniques are for maximum force production.


Unfortunately, many, if not most kettlebell trainees do not.


Yes, even Certified Instructors, some of whom I train, and are all amazed when I show them -

Kettlebell STRONG! Is NOT For Everyone

Please read below to see if you qualify.


Who this is NOT for:


  • Those who are brand new to kettlebell training

  • Tire-kickers and bargain hunters who are looking for the best “deals” around (there is nothing on the market like this)

  • Whiners and complainers who never achieve their goals

  • People who would rather waste their time spending hours hunting for low quality instructional kettlebell videos on YouTube

  • “Collectors” – People who buy kettlebell books, DVDs, and workouts, and never do them

  • People who “only” have one kettlebell (If you have to ask what I mean by “only” then you’re in this category).

  • Anybody else who isn’t serious about kettlebell training

Who Kettlebell STRONG! IS for:

  • Intermediate and advanced kettlebell users (more than 6 to 12 months experience)

  • People with more than one kettlebell or who are willing to buy another kettlebell

  • Hardcore kettlebell trainees – those who are “sold” on all the benefits of kettlebell training and love the results they see from using them.

  • Kettlebell instructors who train others with kettlebells and want a solid teaching progression to help their students/clients achieve phenomenal results in strength and low body fat percentages with double kettlebell training.

  • Students of kettlebell training who want to get in the best physical shape of their life – leaner and stronger than ever before – and know that doubles work is THE way to make that happen.

Exactly What You Get Today Inside

Kettlebell STRONG!...

Here's What Even More People Are Saying About Kettlebell STRONG!

Hello there Mr. Neupert! 

I just wanted to thanks so much for putting  KB Strong together and all the other products I have picked up from you the past year (KBurn Extreme, More KB muscle..).  I never thought I would ever be strong enough to become an RKC or now an SFG, but thanks to your products I have become leaner and stronger than ever before.  I'm 34 now, so it' s kinda a big deal since I have a family and a child (possibly more in the future) that I want to inspire.  Your work has also helped me become a much better personal trainer, and earlier this month I did the SFG cert under Pavel and Dan John and passed!  That weekend was tough, but there was never really a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't make it.  All the complex work got my conditioning set for the snatch test, and KB Strong totally gave me everything I needed to make sure my form was up to snuff.  All this with just your products. I had no one to coach me except you, in a way.  So, I say all that to say "Thanks!" I pray God continues to bless your work!

Bruce Salazar, SFG

Geoff's best work yet!


This is simply the best book/DVD on double kettlebell training that I have seen.


"Kettlebell Strong" is a must have for anyone that wants to improve their technique and truly master all double kettlebell lifts.


I highly recommend this book for ALL kettlebell instructors! If you want to be a better teacher/coach then get this book. Geoff demonstrates each exercise and takes you through each exercise step by step. He addresses the common mistakes made and how to correct these mistakes.


The mobility drills that Geoff incorporates is crucial to mastering the double kettlebell skills. Move better and you will perform better, and performing better leads to   a greater increase in strength.

Kim Blanton, IKFF/CFT2, HKC

I am six weeks in to STRONG/The One and I am seeing results that have stunned me.

Charlton Hoag

Hey Geoff,


I'm about 2/3 of the way through "Strong" (using 24's) and I noticed a strange phenomena. The first couple of sets the 'bells feel heavy, but after round 2 focusing on feet and tension, they get lighter and lighter each round... Bizarre!


Looking forward to "Slow and Steady" and "One"


Best Regards,

James - "The (soon to be) World's Strongest IT Analyst"

"Kettlebell Strong" is absolutely masterful.  The most thorough and clear double kettlebell instruction I've ever seen.

Bill Been

I have found a lot of it to be very helpful and often motivational.  Lately especially with Kettlebell Strong.  After following many of your tips and queues for specific exercises, I found that I feel like I am getting much more out of my workouts.  Many have gotten more difficult but also, and especially with swings I am not getting the lower back pain that I have been accustomed to getting after a kettlebell workout. (Guess my form wasn't as good as I thought)"

Jason Miloradovich

Hey Geoff, 


One week into it and ALREADY seeing results.  Really tightened up my Double Kbell Clean; I pushed myself yesterday to 3 sets of 9 clean reps with two 40 kg bells.  No dropping, and 2:1 rest ratio.  Good lord my heart was ready to explode!!!!   Looking forward to pushing it to the next faze next week!

Kelly Campion

Also the DVD's are brilliant, I am impressed with the amount of data in these two disc's, I have purchased other DVD's from other companies but nothing matches your work, thank you.

Gary Williamson

Thanks Geoff, it is the best instructional DVD I have ever seen bar none! 

Michael Rivera

First and foremost, thank you so much for "Kettlebell Strong!"  I have never made such gains so quickly.  I feel like I learned how to do each of the double kettlebell exercises correctly for the first time, and moved from 53 to 62 pounds almost immediately.  Thank you for the work you do to continue to improve technique and strength. 

Chris [Last Name Whithheld]

I really think your Kettlebell Strong DVD/Book is the best instructional KB material I have ever bought.  You do such a clear, concise way of presenting each technique.  I wish this stuff had been around when I first started KB's years ago, it would have saved me a lot of pain and wasted time.

Phil Gilliland

Thanks again for the great product. Literally made my press 100% better!! 

Mike Moran

My wife and I are really well with KB Strong! From being only able to get 25 pounders up when we first began, because of the whole bilateral frozen shoulder thingy, I am now pressing my 53 pounders. I've also dropped 15 or 16 pounds in the last 4 weeks, from 215 down to the magical, sub 200, 199 lbs.


My wife began with 12 pounders, then moved to 15 pounders and she is now pressing 25 pounders! She is also doing some 30 second 'holds' with a pair of 40 pounders!!!


Love the Strong First idea! Great program Geoff! Both my wife and I love the magnanimous feeling after a good and heavy practice session, much more so than a 300 kb swing session!


"Geoff, Wow!!!!!! Best program I have ever done. I am 41 years old and have been lifting weights since I was 18. I completed the “Strong” program with a max rep of 10 clean and presses. I then started the “Slow and Steady” program and had to stop at workout 17 due to family and work commitments. I started from the beginning and just finished up workout 22. Not only do I feel stronger but I feel better. I have gained about four pounds of muscle with no changes to my diet. The videos and companion book are priceless, they are easy to understand and very helpful. Being that I live in Eastern NC and have not been able to locate a kettlebell instructor within a two and a-half hour drive from my house I would like to thank you for being my coach and putting Kettlebell Strong together. Another thanks to you and Tim for putting Original Strength together, my quality of life has increased dramatically since I have started using both of these great resources.

Doug Niethammer


Your kettlebell strong program is honestly the best and most comprehensive of all of your programs. The detail in the book and the DVD is amazing. I seriously love this program.

Jeff Brewer

Great product! I don't regret my purchase. After reviewing the dvd and bool  started the strong program. I'm going to starting week 5. I use your dvd's much like I did with Pavel's ETK book/dvd like a "bible" of sorts. Your strong dvd's/book are my double KB bible. If I have a question or something doesn't feel right I pop in the dvd and check to see what mistakes I'm making and make corrections.


Pavel's "you're doing it wrong" always rings true hehe. 


My progress is coming along great so far. And I expect the great results to continue. I'm learning how to be uncomfortable in the rack!

Derek Jones

Geoff, I just wanted share with you the results of my 8 weeks of the "Strong"  phase. 


At the beginning of the 8 weeks my Double KB C&P number were Dbl. 28KG x 6 and Dbl 32KG x1 (missed 2nd rep attempt). 


Today after 8 weeks of KB Strong I hit 3 solid reps with Dbl. 32KGs (probably left a 4th in the hole).  Then hit 10 reps with the 28KGs.


I think anyone would be pleased with these results, but two things make these results even cooler.

1.  I am not new to the Dbl. KB Clean & Press, so not newbie gains here.

2.  During this 8 weeks I dieted down from 12.5% Body Fat to 9.3% body fat!


I also did a ton of Original Strength work over the last 8 weeks. Resets before, during, and after every workout.  Resets throughout the day plus longer Original Strength sessions on off days from training.  I now move better than I ever thought would be possible.


Original Strength and Kettlebell Strong are a match made in heaven! 


Thank you. 

Ben Bogard

Hey Geoff


Thanks for the bonuses and for the reply on the forum. The material is fantastic! 


I now have most of your programs…  They have not only helped me in my strength journey, but have also helped me with programming class and individual sessions with clients. Kettlebell Strong has helped me greatly with my prep for SFGII in Philly...   


Keep pumping out the goods!

Jody Beasley

Your "strong" progam is no joke, I never would have imagined doing multiple sets of  5 with double 24s in such a short period of time.

Mark Limbaga

How To Get Your Copy Of 


By now you’re probably wondering how much Kettlebell STRONG! is going to set you back. Great question.


Not as much as much as you think – especially now that you know people have paid $297 for a full day and one actually traveled from as far as France to attend one of my California workshops!


And especially when you discover they didn't get the "Strong!" or "One" programs for attending.


However, you can rest assured that it’s not going to be anywhere near $297.


Or even half that.


If we averaged your investment over the course of the next year (let’s say that Kettlebell STRONG! is this year’s Christmas/Hanukkah present to yourself) it’s less than 30 cents per day.


Heck, many of us spend more than 30 cents a day on a cup of coffee. Are you worth more than 30 cents a day? I sure hope so!

Do You NEED 


Unfortunately, since I'm no longer teaching my Kettlebell STRONG! workshops, the majority of people using kettlebells are never going to be exposed to this material.


Which means they are never going to achieve their goals. They’ll still be frustrated not making it to the next level of strength, conditioning, and leanness. 


Worse yet, they’ll most likely abandon the kettlebell and end up moving from one late night TV workout to the next, continually failing in their quest for change, and finally quitting in the long run.


That’s why I decided to write Kettlebell STRONG! so that you can read, watch, and repeatedly review the best step-by-step method available to learn the double kettlebell skills – all from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of traveling.


But, let’s face it, the truth is, you don’t NEED Kettlebell STRONG!.


Not if you’re happy being weaker and fatter than you deserve to be.


Or not if you’re happy with sloppy technique – banging your wrists and shoulders when you Snatch and Clean or if you like having a sore lower back from your Front Squats or Swings.


If you like those things, then by all means, keep on doing them.


Harsh words, I know.


But to tell you anything other than the truth would be to disrespect you.


And respect you I do, which is why I decided to go way out of my way and out of my comfort zone and give you my absolute best information in the absolute best possible format – video and the written word.


When you’re ready to make unimaginable gains in strength, conditioning, and fat loss, get Kettlebell STRONG! by clicking the orange button below.

Your 6 Month "Force Multiplier" Guarantee

I'm 100% certain based on the last 11 years teaching this material that after you use the 3 Force Multipliers - 


Technique Stacking, Neuro Techniques, and the Cutting Edge Program Design, that Kettlebell STRONG! will make you stronger, leaner, more muscular, and better conditioned. 


Don't take my word for it though. Test it out for a full 6 months risk free knowing that I have your back.


If for some strange reason you can't see noticeable improvement in strength in your training journal, simply copy it, send it to me after running through the "Slow & Steady" (which almost everyone uses), and I'll gladly refund you 100% of your investment.

Right Now, You Have 3 Choices

Nature abhors a vacuum.


Nothing "remains the same."


You're either living or dying.


Growing or shrinking.


Getting stronger or getting weaker.


The kettlebell is your fast track to strength. 


Kettlebell STRONG! is your "inside lane" to getting stronger with kettlebells. 


The way I see it, you have 3 options:


1. Do Nothing. 


And that means everything is going to remain the same as it is now - for awhile.


Then the Law of Entropy kicks in and you'll start going backwards. 


2. Try To Figure This Out Yourself.


If you want to spend your time trying to figure all this information out - the 3 Force Multipliers yourself, be my guest. It took me rehabbing multiple injuries, 20,000 hours of one-on-one training, teaching instructor candidates at certifications along with workshop attendees... And of course, the 10s of thousands of hours I've spent on the Olympic lifting platform.


3. The Easy Way.


Let me do everything for you.


Look, I've already figured all this stuff out. Why reinvent the wheel? 


All this information is already organized and systematized for you inside Kettlebell STRONG!.


Now of these three choices, ask yourself:


Which one of these is going to be easier?


Kettlebell STRONG! 

  • 2 Video Series

    Almost 4 hours of cutting edge "Technique Stacking" instruction that includes "Guinea Pig" testing these techniques in real time

  • Training Manual

    Follow the videos along with this 80+ page written training manual that includes corrections not in the videos

  • 2 Double Kettlebell Training Plans

    The Legendary "Strong!" double Clean + Press program and the "One" double Swing program written out set by set and rep by rep...

$297 $99

Kettlebell STRONG! 

  • 2 Video Series

    Almost 4 hours of cutting edge "Technique Stacking" instruction that includes "Guinea Pig" testing these techniques in real time

  • Training Manual

    Follow the videos along with this 80+ page written training manual that includes corrections not in the videos

  • 2 Double Kettlebell Training Plans

    The Legendary "Strong!" double Clean + Press program and the "One" double Swing program written out set by set and rep by rep...

More Kettlebell Muscle 

There are 3 ways to get more muscular using kettlebells:

(1) Do as much work as possible in the shortest period of time possible combined with eating as much food as possible(the original Kettlebell Muscle).
(2) Lift HEAVY and use High Volume ("The Short Course" inside Kettlebell STRONG!) 

(3) Optimize your fat burning hormones with strategic eating to strip off bodyfat combined with doing as much work as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

That’s More Kettlebell Muscle.

Not just one 12-week program, like the original book, but TWENTY challenging, fat-torching complex-centered 4 to 12 week programs (Yes! Twenty!) to reveal the lean, hard body trapped under that stubborn layer of blubber.

(Currently sells for $47.00)

Double Kettlebell Vault

Add these SEVEN challenging four-week double kettlebell programs from my exclusive Members Only Inner Circle to your collection.

Every month, for 6 years, a select group of no-nonsense, highly intelligent individuals received a custom designed 4-week kettlebell training program from me. Each month built off the previous month on a customized four-phase cycle.


During the first two years, we included multiple double kettlebell cycles – none of which I’ve never shared anywhere except inside the Inner Circle, until now.


Here are SEVEN of the most effective double KB programs ever written, including programs combining bodyweight and double kettlebell work.


Programs are: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Strength, Double Your Muscle, Double Stuff, Keep Your Chin Up!, Keep Your Chin Up! Part 2, and BURN, Baby, BURN!.


(Each one of these programs was $19.95 a month as part of the Inner Circle.)

(Retail: $139.65)

$573.60 $147


Thanks for reading.


Stay Strong,









Sozo, LLC, 121 S. Tejon St, Suite 900, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.